Irma Notorahardjo


After 13 years of career spent in a large financial software and hardware provider, Irma Notorahardjo decided to realise her dream and created her own company around one of her favorite interests: fashion; but not with the type that goes out of fashion and wears out quickly. Irma loves beautiful items, beautiful fabrics. Her travels around the world gave her the opportunity to do some incredible bargain hunts. She found many treasures in Tokyo's flea markets, Rome's busy markets and in the chic consignment shops of New York and Paris. It is this passion to find exceptional items, aspiration for a sustainable fashion consumption and this firm willingness to differentiate from some others who all wear the same type and same kind of fashion season after season, that convinced her to create Rolling Pearl.

She hopes that Rolling Pearl's concept is more than just a simple way for her customers to sell their sleeping treasures. She has imagined Rolling Pearl as the continuity of a luxury experience. Being very closed to her customers, she has created a personalised service that brings together closet cleaning and pleasure of luxury.