Rolling Pearl – Chic Consignment

When consignment is a luxury


Our pearl queens' closets are full of treasures that they don't wear anymore or that have never been worn. Just like a pearl that will lose its shine when not worn for too long, their clothes deserve a second life.Through a personalised service, we provide the possibility to experience luxury from a different angle. It is the type of luxury that brings together beauty, pleasure and ecology. Rolling Pearl is the antithesis of mass consumption. It is about being selective, having the love of beautiful fabrics and respect of tradition and know-how.

Rolling Pearl, it is also a story about transmission. Through a coat, a bag or a dress, our pearl queens convey a page of their life, filled by a love-at-first-sight, a rendez-vous, a special event, and a way of life. By giving it a second life, they convey a little piece of this page where they have written their story, and where you will write some new lines...

You can shop with eyes closed. Every single item has been inspected and controlled carefully. The founder of Rolling Pearl, Irma Notorahardjo accepts only the most desirable items with the highest quality and best condition. Only the most beautiful preloved designer pieces and some rare selection of exquisite items from the most famous fashion houses will be presented.